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Hixotic Magic Mushies Chocolate Bar - Cookies' n cream

Hixotic Magic Mushies Chocolate Bar - Cookies' n cream

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These chocolate bars contain a proprietary nanotized nootropic blend. Hixotic has put in a lot of research, time, and effort to create something new and exciting for users! Rather than have amanita be the main active ingredient, hixotic has chosen to use a series of natural nootropics

Each chocolate bar can be split into 12 pieces. Hixotic is launching this line of chocolate bars in three delicious flavors. This is Cookies' n Cream!

These chocolate bars are perfect for micro-dosing! With each piece containing the perfect dose of this nano nootropic blend, users can experience several things. These effects range from a boost in an overall mood to mild euphoria and increased creativity!

Warmer weather warning:
*Due to the potential melting of chocolate, taffy, and gummy products during warmer months of shipping, these products will be shipped at the buyer’s risk. We recommend that you ship to your place of work so that the packages do not have to sit in a mailbox in the heat.
What To Do:
*Don’t panic, should melting occur with your chocolate in shipping, it will not ruin your chocolate or change the potency. Most chocolate products can be re-melted and used again without any issues. Simply place the melted package flat on a dish and set the dish in your refrigerator or freezer.

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